FoodByUs Wholesale

FoodByUs for wholesale is Australia's #1 wholesale food market place, saving food service venues 15% on their food costs and we're 100% free to use.

We're a one-stop-shop for restaurants, cafes, hotels, bars, pubs & clubs to source all their wholesale food supplies. We offer a range of categories, from fruit and veg, to meat and poultry, to alcohol, packaging and much more!

Working with the very best local Aussie food suppliers, we negotiate market leading pricing that we pass back on to our customers. We help foodservice venues to save time and money with our ordering solution.

With FoodByUs, you also get a dedicated account manager. So whether you need help sourcing a product, getting better pricing, or require an even more customised ordering experience, we're there to help you along the way.


FoodByUs Home Delivery

FoodByUs for homes and families is changing the way people do their grocery shopping - and saving them up to 40% along the way.

Giving customers access to the same suppliers used by top restaurants, cafes and bars, at the same great wholesale rates, Aussie homes are enjoying top quality produce for less with FoodByUs.

FoodByUs partners with local Aussie food suppliers to deliver a seamless grocery shopping experience. Customers can order across categories from specialist suppliers in meat and poultry, fruit and veg, seafood and dairy and eggs plus more!

Orders are made through FoodByUs and delivered for free by our local expert suppliers.



About the Team

The team behind FoodByUs has years of experience building large scale, complex software systems in the foodservice industry. We have solved some big challenges for foodservice businesses and the companies that supply them.

FoodByUs is more than an online-only company – we have a dedicated sales team and first-class customer service. We believe the best relationships are built face to face and we are out there every day working with Buyers and Suppliers in the industry to help facilitate transactions for both sides.