Price & Quality Guarantee

Price Beat Guarantee

Price Beat Guarantee, we’ll save you money or give you $50!

At FoodByUs, we value your business and we guarantee the best price!Just send us an invoice* and we’ll match or beat the price, easy peasy.

If for any reason we’re not able to match or beat the price, we’ll give you a $50 FoodByUs voucher. So you’re a winner either way.

*Invoices must be less than four-weeks old


Quality Guarantee

We're always here to help! In case of issues, please notify FoodByUs within 24 hours

Quality is one of our top priorities at FoodByUs, from placing an order, to getting your items delivered accurately and on time. We choose our suppliers carefully to make sure you’ll be delighted with the experience of using our platform.

Sometimes mistakes happen and we’re here to help: if items are out of stock, missing, delivered short, damaged or you’re not happy with the quality, you need to notify FoodByUs within 24 hours of the delivery so that we can address this with the Supplier on your behalf.

Give us a call on 1300 725 899 or email us at