Amending Orders

If you placed an order, and need to amend it before the cut-off time for your delivery date, you can do it through the Dashboard of your account.

How to Amend Orders

  1. To amend an order, go to Dashboard. At the order you want to amend, click "Amend".
  2. A message is shown to notify that you need to complete the check-out process for the order to successfully amended. Click "Confirm & Amend" to continue.

    Order Amendment - Confirm Alert

  3. You will be redirected to the Supplier's store to amend your cart. You can add or reduce quantity of products, add or remove products to your cart.
  4. When you finish amending the cart, click "Checkout Amend Order" button on the cart
  5. At check-out:
    • If the new total is more than the initial total, select a payment method to pay for the difference.
    • If the new total is less than the initial total, we will refund you the difference via the original payment method.
  6. Click "Pay & Confirm Amendment" or "Confirm Amendment" to complete. You will receive an email confirming your order has been successfully amended.

Amending Orders after cut-off time

Suppliers start preparing and packing orders for delivery right after cut-off time, so we can't guarantee the Supplier will be able to amend an order past cutoff. If you need to amend orders after the cut-off time, please contact our Customer Service at 1300 725 899.