Dashboard Order Resolution User Guide For Buyers

We aim to give you a seamless food ordering experience, every single time. Now and again, you may need to contact us regarding your order - so we've created an even easier, quicker and more convenient way for you to do so.

Introducing Dashboard Order Resolution where you can now raise an order issue directly through your FoodByUs dashboard in just a few seconds.

All the details you need to know are below. 


Where to find Dashboard Order Resolution on FoodByUs

  • You can navigate to Dashboard Order Resolution by viewing your latest order and clicking the 'I need help' icon.


    I need help bold

  • Per our standard user agreement, if 24 hours have passed since your order, you will not have the ability to raise an issue through Dashboard Order Resolution and the message below will appear.

over 24 hours issue res


How to report an issue in Dashboard Order Resolution

Step 1:

  • Click the 'I need help' button' next to the order you wish to submit an issue for.

Step 2:

  • Each item from your order will be listed in Dashboard Order Resolution. Choose the item(s) you wish to log an issue for by using the drop down box next to each item. 
  • If your issue is due to not receiving an order, there is a drop down option for you to select this reason. You also have the ability to click the link in the dashboard to log your issue with our Customer Support Team.

Step 3: 

  • Select your issue reason. There are four types of issues that you can report in Dashboard Order Resolution, including quality, weight and/or not delivered. 

issue res options

Step 4:

  • You must attach a photo of the delivered product that you are logging an issue for. If you do not have photographic evidence of the product supporting your issue, you will be unable to progress.

issue res options photo

Step 5:
  • Submit your issue report. Suppliers will review within 48 business hours.
  • Unless you hear from us, a refund will be given. If there is push back from the Supplier, we'll be in touch.

How to report an issue using Dashboard Order Resolution without photographic evidence

  • You cannot report an issue using Dashboard Order Resolution without photographic evidence unless your order has not delivered.

What happens after an issue is raised in Dashboard Order Resolution?

  • Once your issue has been raised, you will receive an automatic email to confirm.
  • Within your FoodByUs dashboard, you will see a notification to say that an issue has been raised.
  • An email will also be sent to the supplier to alert them of the issue. The supplier has 48 business hours to review.