Frequently Asked Questions


Who are FoodByUs?

FoodByUs is a wholesale online marketplace. We bring some of the best food service suppliers across Sydney and Melbourne into a one-stop-shop location. Usually our customers are cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels and childcare centres.

During these unprecedented times, we have opened our website to people just like you ordering for their home, families and for personal use. This supports local communities and local suppliers to help everyone get quality food delivered at great prices. For the first time ever, you can access wholesale food at wholesale prices without even leaving the house.

Because FoodByUs represents wholesale businesses, there are some points to note in using our service:


Do I have to leave delivery instructions at checkout?

Yes, you should leave as much information as possible to help suppliers find your home easily. Recommended information includes:

  • Mobile Number
  • Unit or residential number
  • Any instructions on where they can legally park
  • Any directions on where to leave the order safely if nobody is home


What if I am not home when my order arrives?

Suppliers will leave your order at the front of your residence if there are no instructions guiding them to a safe spot.


When will I be charged?

Please note there are TWO charges: first when you place your original order.

A week later you may be charged for any adjustments. These are small amounts (or refunds) for when an item was a little heavier (or lighter) than the weight you ordered online - this can happen with items like fruit, veg, meat & seafood. It may also be due to an item being returned back to the supplier, or if an item was for some reason left off the delivery to you.


How can I pay for my order?

You can pay for your order using a credit or debit card.


When should I expect my delivery to come?

You will be able to select the next available delivery date when you place your order. Suppliers are unable to deliver at a specific time of day, however they will deliver during the window specified.

It is important to note during these times there may be a delay on your order. Please contact customer service if you do not receive your order on the delivery date selected.


Should I check my order upon delivery?

Yes - this is essential. You must check your order and raise any issues within 24 hours to the FoodByUs customer service team. When your order arrives it is recommended you open the original invoice within your emails or on your buyer dashboard and check if anything is missing. During these unprecedented times some suppliers are out of stock at short notice.


What do I do if there is an issue with my order?

If there is an issue with your order you can contact our customer service team via texting 0448 523 085 (WhatsApp) or emailing Please have your order number, name, email and any additional photos or information available.


What if I receive a substitution?

Suppliers will send a substitution at times if they do not have the exact item you ordered available. Substitutions may be a different size or brand of the same product. If you do not want the substitution when the order arrives, please send it back with the driver and notify customer service.

If you are unable to send the item back with the driver, please call the supplier directly. The supplier can be contacted by using the ‘call’ button on their FoodByUs store or their contact number is on the pdf attached to your initial order. Notify customer service of the outcome.


How long after I receive my order can I report any issues?

All issues must be reported within 24 hours of delivery. Anything outside of this timeframe is not guaranteed to be solved.


When should I expect to receive a refund?

This takes around a week to allow for suppliers to resolve any issues or random weights you may have had delivered.

You will receive any refunds, adjustments or amendment charges every Friday for the Monday - Sunday of the week prior.

For example: Orders placed Monday the 6th of April to Sunday the 12th of April will be refunded (or have slight additional adjustment charges) made on Friday the 17th of April.


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