How Our Payment Works

Paying for your order before and after delivery

When you place an order with FoodByUs, we hold your initial order amount as a pending transaction. Your payment method will be charged 48hrs from the date your order is delivered. If you have multiple orders with different suppliers, each order incurs a separate charge and a dedicated invoice.

Sometimes, your order has random-weight items and the amount delivered is slightly different from the amount you ordered. Occasionally, your items could arrive damaged, are substituted or not delivered due to out-of-stock. When this happens, you have 24 hours after your order is delivered to amend your order via your dashboard.

  • If delivered order value is more than what your ordered: your final invoice will be increased and you will be charged an additional amount
  • If delivered order value is less than what you ordered: your final invoice will be decreased and you will be charged less than the initial transaction


Our Payment Cycle

Our payments work the same way every fortnight


You order items, you get charged and deliveries will happen throughout the week

Remember: you have 24 hours from


receiving each delivery to let us know of any issues

Then, every Friday we’ll automatically charge or refund you for any random weights or other changes to your order from the previous week (Monday - Sunday)

This cycle happens automatically every fortnight and you never have to worry about it