MYOB Integration

1. Set up MYOB

2. Using MYOB Integration

3. Disconnect your MYOB integration


Set up MYOB

To connect your FoodByUs account with MYOB, navigate to Finance / Integration

Step 1: Authenticate MYOB Account

  •  Click "Connect to MYOB" button
  • You will be asked to sign into your MYOB account if you are not logged in. Sign in with your Xero email and password. FoodByUs does not store any of your MYOB credentials.



Step 2: Create / Link Contact and Select Account

After authenticating access to MYOB, you will be redirected to MYOB setting page on FoodByUs platform.


  • Select a company to sync invoices: Your MYOB accounts could have many different companies. Select the relevant company that you want to connect to your FoodByUs account. Click "Save Company Setting". Once the connection to your selected company is complete, you can progress to set up Contact and Account.


  • Select a contact for FoodByUs: MYOB requires a contact associated with each invoice sent to the MYOB system.
    • If you don't currently have a contact for FoodByUs in MYOB, select "Create FoodByUs contact in MYOB"
    • If you already have FoodByUs as a contact in MYOB, select the contact under "Select from existing MYOB contacts"


  • Select an account to associate FoodByUs invoices: All invoices sent automatically from FoodByUs will be associated to one account/cost centre in your MYOB. To choose which account you want to associate with FoodByUs invoice, select from the dropdown of accounts. Common account selected are Purchase, Food Cost, or Expense.

  • Click "Save". Your FoodByUs account is now linked to MYOB successfully.




Using MYOB Integration

Automatic sending of FoodByUs invoices

Once your MYOB account is connected to FoodByUs, every time a new invoice is created, it will automatically be sent to your MYOB account, under the select company and account in your setting.

To check whether an invoice was sent to MYOB, navigate to Finance / Invoices & Statement. Invoices which have already been sent to MYOB will say "Sent to MYOB" under 3rd Party Invoice.



To send an invoice that has not been sent to MYOB (for example, invoices you have before you connect your FoodByUs account to your MYOB account), click on "Send invoice to MYOB" next to the invoice you want to send


Disconnect your MYOB integration

To disconnect your FoodByUs account from MYOB, navigate to Finance / Integration

Click on "Disconnect"