How payments work on FoodByUS

Paying with FoodByUs is simple and easy. For all completed orders (delivered in full with no missing items, random weight adjustments or poor quality products), you’ll have paid upon checkout and will receive your final invoice via email.*

For random weight items like dairy, fruit, veg, meat or seafood the amount you ordered may be slightly above or below the amount provided (no 2 fish are the exact same size!). So before finalising your invoice, we will automatically ‘balance’ any funds between you and the Supplier based on their final provided weights. This may mean a small refund or extra charge to you.

The need to ‘balance’ payments is most often due to over or under payment resulting from random weight items but could also include any issues arising out of the fulfillment of the order such as missing items, substituted items, damaged items or poor quality items.

Unless it’s due to a quality issue or similar, you don’t need to do anything - random weight balancing happens automatically between us, you and the Supplier. After everything is balanced we’ll send a finalised invoice via email for accounting purposes.

*Some Suppliers will provide an ‘invoice’ with their delivery by default. Please note that as a FoodByUs Buyer you deal exclusively with us for all payments, so if that occurs, no action is required on your side. Please do not pay the Supplier directly.