We have created a personalised program based on your FoodByUs spend - making your rewards goals bigger and better the more you spend.

Rewards For You, on FoodByUs

Your Monthly Spend Goal The Reward You'll Earn Category Opportunities For You
Your goal spend is based on your FoodByUs spend behaviour last month Your reward will be in line with your spend and tier reward value Need inspiration to reach a goal? Why not try some categories you don't usually order from?

Here's how it works:

  • Using your FoodByUs spend behaviour, we set a monthly rewards based goal that's specific to you
  • You have the opportunity to move up the tier table, and earn even more back in vouchers 
  • Receive guidance and support from our sales team on how to save and consolidate your buying with FoodByUs while also reaching your goal to earn more in rewards

Want to earn even more rewards?

Save on food costs AND earn up to $1,000 back in FoodByUs vouchers, with support from our sales team when you need it. Our rewards program is completely transparent - using tiers to show you what tier you're in, and the full potential for rewards to earn back.  

Spend between $2,000 - $4,999 per month (4)


There are many ways you can move up the rewards ladder, while continuing to save on food costs and get cash back along the way. We have all the best suppliers on our network to meet your needs - whether that's price, quality or speciality. 

Consolidating your buying through FoodByUs is the best way to not only save money on your food invoices, but to save more in our rewards program. It's also a headache-free, time saving way to still fill your pantry! 


Terms and conditions

  • Eligible to all FoodByUs wholesale customers
  • Your monthly goal spend will be communicated to you within the first week of each month
  • Any rewards earned will be communicated with you within the first week of each month
  • One rebate voucher per month per user
  • You will receive the voucher for the tier you started the month in, provided you have met your goal
  • If you reach the spend of a higher tier within the same month, you will be entered into that higher tier in the following month