Common Order-related Issues

Have an issue with your order? Here's a list of what our buyers commonly report:



Undelivered order(s)

  • Orders (including all their items) that never arrived at your physical delivery address on the delivery/ due date

Missing item(s)

  • One or some products/ items you ordered that never arrived with the rest of your order
  • In most cases, missing items had gone out of stock at least one day before your order’s due/ delivery date

Damaged item(s)

  • Items that sustained physical defects, deformities or had been partially or completely destroyed 
  • For example:
    - Dented cans
    - Deformed boxes/ cartons
    - Scraped-off icing on cakes or pastries
    - Squashed produce
    - Broken or leaking containers

Poor-quality item(s)

  • Items whose quality has deteriorated by the time they were delivered
  • For example:
    - Overripe fruits and veg
    - Expired bread, cheese, milk, canned goods, other processed items
    - Moulds on food items (except blue cheese)
    - Foods or liquids which smell and taste have unpleasantly changed
    - Leafy veg that have turned/ are turning yellow or brown

Wrong item(s)

  • Items which you never ordered but ended up receiving; or
  • Incorrect product variants or brands that were delivered

Random weight item(s)

  • Some food like fruit, veg, seafood and meat will be priced on the basis of weight. In those cases, FoodByUs charges the Buyer upfront for the ordered weight. Then we need to know from you what the actual weight provided was; so we can adjust the charge accordingly.
  • The approximate weight of food products that naturally vary in size and weight. These unique attributes result in the unique pricing of natural/ fresh products such as fruits, veg, meats, and cheese, to name a few.

If you experience any of these with your order, refer to this guide to report your issue.