How do I create a standing order by selecting a past order?

A Standing Order (SO) is a recurring order automatically placed for you and scheduled for delivery at X number of times of your chosen days of the week. This helps you save time and effort you’d otherwise spend to manually place the exact same order.

You may create multiple SOs for your specific needs.

You can create a standing order by selecting:

  1. A Past Order; or


  1. A Supplier



To create a standing order by selecting a past order:

Step 1:  Launch your FoodByUs sign-in page.

Step 2: Enter your FoodByUs registered e-mail address and password, then click on SIGN IN.


Step 3:
In your dashboard, click on the dropdown arrow of “My Orders”, then click on “Standing Orders”.


Step 4:
Click on “Create New”.


Step 5:
Click on “Select from a past order”.


This will take you to your My Orders page.


Choose the one that you’d like to create a recurring order from, then click on “Standing Order”.


NOTE: The Order Reference MEL and SYD have since been updated to QLD, NSW or VIC.




This will open an SO creation page.


Take note of your Standing Order Reference # which starts with “SO-”.

Step 6:
Under Delivery Schedule, select if you’d like your order to be delivered weekly or fortnightly. 

  1. If weekly, tick the box beside your selected day(s). 


For example:


  1. If fortnightly, tick the box beside your selected day(s). 


For example:


NOTE: No delivery days are grayed out.


Step 7: Your registered mobile number is automatically selected to receive confirmation SMS messages a day before each delivery date. Click on the dropdown arrow if you’d like to select a different number. 



Also by default, the box is ticked for deliveries to go through, even without your response to the confirmation message. If you’d like to confirm each delivery, untick the box


NOTE: If you respond “No” to the SMS confirmation, your order will not be delivered only for the delivery date specified in the text message. After which, deliveries will proceed as usual, for as long as your SO is enabled.


Step 8: Choose your delivery start date from the dropdown calendar.


Step 9:
Choose the delivery time. Options default to the supplier’s delivery schedule.


Step 10:
Next, choose your FoodByUs-registered address from the delivery address dropdown.



IMPORTANT: To ensure an error-free order, only use your FoodByUs registered address as your delivery address.


Step 11: Select your payment method. Options default to your registered credit card details.


You may also add new credit card details.


Click on the “Add Credit Card” button.


If you want to add new credit card details from your dashboard, go to “Finance” and choose “Payment Methods” from its dropdown options.


You may delete existing credit card details only after adding a new payment method.


Your SO is now created, including a list of the products based on your past order.



Step 12: Click on “Enable” to activate your standing order.



B. Adding items to your standing order

You can add new items in your standing order, but the best time to do so is when you create the order. You may still add items after you’ve enabled an SO, but be sure to do so within the supplier’s cut-off period to avoid potential errors and delivery delays.

To add items in your SO:

Step 13: Go to My Orders > Standing Orders from your dashboard, and find the relevant SO. Click on “Edit”.


Hit “Edit”, again.


Step 14:
On the SO’s page:

  • Scroll down to the supplier’s details
  • Choose a product category
  • Click on the “+” to its right, to expand it 
  • Click on the “Add” button of each product you’d like to add


Click on “-” to decrease a product’s quantity or click on “+” to increase it.


Step 15:
Go back to your dashboard > My Orders > Standing Orders. The new items have been added. 


Step 16:
Click on “Enable” to activate your standing order.