How do I add or delete my credit card details?

Charging your credit card is the default and most convenient payment method on FoodByUs.

Your credit card details will be requested when you open an account with us. You may add or delete these once your account has been created, but only consider doing so when:

  1. You suspect or confirm that your credit card has been compromised; or
  2. You’d only like to use a new credit card

  3. It’s best to maintain at least one valid credit card (with sufficient credit) in your account.
    If not, you will not be able to check out your cart; and refunds (if any) will not be processed. 

add your credit card details:

Step 1: Sign in to your FoodByUs dashboard.

Step 2: In your dashboard menu, go to Finance > Payment Methods


Under Payment Methods, find the Credit Cards section on top:

Step 3: Hit “Add Credit Card”

Step 4: Input your valid credit card details, then hit “Save”. 


Your credit card details are now saved.


To delete your credit card details:

Step 5: Hit “Delete” on the far right of the credit card details you’d like to remove. 


Step 6: In the pop-up window, hit “Delete” to confirm this action.


Your credit card details are now deleted.