How do I change or amend my order?

You can change or amend Upcoming Orders as soon as they appear in your dashboard. Each order is assigned an Order Reference #.

The option to amend disappears when the order is delivered or past its delivery/ due date.


Be sure to: 

  1. Amend your order at least a day before your order’s due/ delivery date; 
  2. Comply with the Supplier’s cut-off period
  3. Avoid amending your order too many times.


To change or amend your order:

Step 1: Sign in to your FoodByUs dashboard.

Step 2: To the right of your dashboard menu, find your “Upcoming Orders”.


Step 3: Find the order you’d like to change, then click on “Amend”


You can also change your order when you view it from your dashboard.



Then click on “Amend Order” on the order’s page.




NOTE: This window will pop up when you try to change an order past the supplier’s cut-off.


If not, this will show:


Click on “Confirm & Amend” to continue.


Step 4:
On the Amend Order page, add or remove items from your cart.

 Expand your product category of choice by clicking on “+”, then choose and add new items. 



 To add more of an item already in your cart, click on “+” in the “Amend Order Summary” column. 

 Or, If you want less of an item or want to delete it entirely, click on “-”


Step 5:
When you’re done making changes, check out your cart and pay for the additional charges (if any).



NOTE: If you add items to your cart, your credit card will be charged the price difference at checkout.


 If you remove items from your cart, an automatic refund will be processed for the price difference.

 Refunds are issued every Friday of the following week, for which you will be e-mailed.