How do I change or edit my account’s business name, ABN or physical address?

Your FoodByUs profile is made up of two sections:

  1. My Profile which consists of your personal information; and
  2. Business which (as the name suggests) consists of your business details

Some of these details may change over time. Whether it’s your personal or your business info, you can edit or update them in your buyer dashboard.

To edit your business details:

Step 1:  Launch your FoodByUs sign-in page.

Step 2: Enter your FoodByUs registered e-mail address and password, then click on SIGN IN.


Step 3:
From your buyer dashboard, click on the My Account dropdown arrow.


Then click on My Profile.


Step 4:
Scroll down to “Business” and change or edit this part, too, as needed. To do so, click on “Edit”.


Step 5:
Then change or edit your business name, ABN, and/or trading name:

Step 6:
Delete your physical business address if you’ve changed locations, and input your current address.


Note that any special instruction you saved for your old address will likewise be deleted.


If you’d like to proceed, click on “Yes”.


If not, click on “No”.


Step 7: Enter your ABN,
or the system will not update your profile.


When you’re done making all the changes, click on Update.


“Updated” with a check mark
will briefly appear, once your changes have been set.