How do I opt out of or unsubscribe from marketing emails?

Subscribing to our marketing emails allows you to receive updates on exclusive FoodByUs promos, discounts, and special offers as well as featured products and suppliers. 

By default, you are subscribed to our marketing emails when you sign up with FoodByUs. However, you may opt out of our marketing communications, if you desire. 

To unsubscribe from our marketing email list:

Step 1:  Launch your FoodByUs sign-in page.

Step 2: Enter your FoodByUs registered e-mail address and password, then click on SIGN IN.


Step 3:
From your buyer dashboard, click on the My Account dropdown arrow.


Then click on Contacts.


Step 4:
Click on “Edit Preference”.


Step 5:
Untick the Marketing Email box.


However, you can’t unsubscribe from emails about your:

  • Invoices and account statements; and
  • Orders


Step 6:
Click on “Update” to save the changes.


You are now unsubscribed from our marketing email list.