How can I report an issue about my order?

It isn’t unusual to experience issues with your orders. Listed here are some common issues our buyers report.


TIP: Issues may only be reported within 24 hours of your order’s delivery/ due date.
So be sure to check all items as soon as your order arrives and promptly report any issue you encounter.

Suppliers have 48 hours to review and to respond to your report. 

You will hear back from us if the supplier disputes your issue(s); otherwise, you will be notified about the item(s)’ corresponding refund


To sort these out faster, we’ve built the Issue Resolution Dashboard feature -- an automated tool that allows you to report your order-related issues straight to the supplier.

You can activate this feature by clicking on your order’s “I need help” link, as shown below: 

“I need help” only applies to confirmed and back-dated orders. This feature is not available for pending orders.

What issues can I report?

You may refer to the following issues:


To report an  issue:  

Step 1: Sign in to your FoodByUs dashboard.

Step 2: Find the order you wish to report; click on “I need help” to its right. 

Step 3: Find the specific product(s) with issues. Then under “The issue you have”, click on the dropdown arrow.

 Based on these descriptions, select the specific issue which best describes the item/ product you’d like to report. 

Step 4:
For poor-quality, damaged, and random-weight items, click on “Attach photo” and upload one clear and sharp photo of each item that shows the issue you are experiencing (ideally shot against a clutter-free background).

The example below shows when a photo has been successfully uploaded:

Click on the “X” to its left if you’d like to delete the photo and replace it. Only JPEG or PNG photos are accepted.

Step 5:
For undelivered and random-weight items, indicate the actual amount or quantity delivered vs. what you had ordered. 


Step 6:
When you’re ready to submit your report, click on "Submit Issue Report”.

Step 7:
If you didn’t receive the delivery, click on “I didn’t receive this order”.

Step 8:
For wrong items, items placed in the wrong area, or other issues not listed in the dropdown options, contact our Customer Service Team or e-mail

Remember: If you try to report an issue past 24 hours upon delivery, this message will pop up: