How do I shop and place an order?

Signing up and opening an account with FoodByUs allow you to shop and place an order with top Suppliers on our Marketplace. 

To shop and place an order:

Step 1: Sign in to your FoodByUs dashboard.

Step 2: From your dashboard, click on “Shop now”.


Step 3:
In the pop-up window, enter your FoodByUs-registered suburb or postcode.


Confirm your location.



Step 4: On the Search page, choose and click on any product category.


Each category will open a page of Suppliers who deliver to your location.


Note each supplier’s:


  1. Supplier rating
  2. No. of products
  3. Cut-off time for processing orders
  4. Delivery schedule
  5. Required minimum order for free delivery (if any)
  6. Delivery fee (if any)
  7. Delivery days

Step 5:
Click on your Supplier of choice. In their store, add items you’d like to buy to your cart.


You may also save your favorite items or those you plan to buy repeatedly by clicking on the heart beside an item’s Add button.


Hearted items are saved to your Pantry List, which means you don’t have to search for the same items again, the next time you shop. You can find all your favorite items in one convenient location, thus helping you save time.



NOTE: To order from multiple Suppliers, click on Search to pick another Supplier. You may also choose from a different category. Then shop from your Supplier of choice, following the previous steps.


Step 6: When you’re done shopping, review the items in your cart, then click on “Go to checkout (final step)”

Step 7: Enter and confirm your complete FoodByUs-registered address in the address box. 


Your delivery address is now set.


Step 8:
Next, choose your delivery date. Click on the dropdown arrow to launch the calendar. Then click on your preferred date from the highlighted dates. Note: available delivery dates vary per supplier.


Your delivery date is now set. 


Step 9:
Leave your delivery instructions (if any). Include:

  • The exact area in or outside your venue where you'd like your order to be left (e.g. on the kitchen counter, inside the ref, etc.); 
  • An onsite point-of-contact/ staff who can receive your order (if any); 
  • How to contact you if delivery is delayed or the driver gets lost; and 
  • The exact location and code of your lock box (if any) 

Once you have filled out the required details, click on “Continue”.


NOTE: Apply your voucher (if any) at checkout.


Step 10:
Review your order one last time. Add your payment details, if you haven't done so already, then click on “Pay & Finish” to complete your order.



Other helpful features when placing an order:

     1. Tagging your favourite suppliers





     2. Directly contacting suppliers





     3. Asking for a sample



If you need more help on how to order, contact our Customer Service Team or e-mail