How do I shop for seafood?

Shop for fish and other seafood from top suppliers on the FoodByUs Marketplace who deliver to your area.

To start shopping:

Step 1: Launch your FoodByUs sign-in page.

Step 2: Enter your FoodByUs registered e-mail address and password, then click on SIGN IN.


3: From your dashboard, click on Search.


4: Enter the suburb or the postcode of your FoodByUs registered address.


Then click on your registered location to confirm.


5: On the Marketplace page, click on Seafood.


This will take you to a list of suppliers who deliver to your location. Click on the supplier you’d like to shop from.


Note each supplier’s:

  1. Minimum order requirement (if any);
  2. Delivery fee (if any);
  3. Cut-off time; 
  4. Delivery schedule; and
  5. Delivery days

Step 6: At the supplier’s storefront, click on the Add button of the item you’d like to buy and add to your cart.


Scroll down and hit Next for more products.


Step. 7:
Or, find a product faster by searching for it in the search box.


For example:


You may also save your favourite items or those you plan to buy repeatedly by clicking on the heart beside an item’s Add button. 


Hearted items are saved to your Pantry List which works like a Wish List.


Use the Pantry List feature to save you time in finding items, especially if the supplier you’re buying from has hundreds of products in their store.


NOTE: FoodByUs displays per-unit-of-measurement pricing. This means that some items could vary in weight and in their final price upon delivery. This is referred to as random weight items

If your invoice reflects a different pricing for products based on random weight, refer to this guide.


Step 8: When you’re done shopping, review the items in your cart, then hit Go to Checkout (final step)


Step 9: Choose your delivery date. Click on the dropdown arrow to launch the calendar. Then click on your preferred date from those highlighted. 


Your delivery date is now set. Note that available delivery dates vary per supplier


Step 10:
Leave your delivery instructions (if any). 


Include info such as:

  • Specific landmarks, road turns, markers, establishments, other distinct locators  that will help find your address; 
  • Other point-of-contact who can receive your order for you (if any)  

Then click on Continue.

Step 11: Review your order one last time.


NOTE: If you have a voucher, click on “apply voucher” to redeem it before paying for your order. Vouchers can no longer be applied once you click on Pay & Finish.

Step 12:
Pay for and complete your order.


If a payment method has been previously saved in your account profile, no need to input your payment details in your order’s Payment section. If not, enter your payment details. This will then be saved as a token, ready to be used in your next order.

Once your order is created, it will appear on your dashboard’s Upcoming Orders with an Order Reference number that starts with SYD-** (if your FBU-registered address is in Sydney) or MEL-** (if in Melbourne).

**The Order Reference has since been updated to QLD, NSW or VIC.



If your invoice reflects a different pricing for products based on random weight, refer to this guide or contact us if you need help.