with every FoodByUs order you’ll receive an email with  detailed delivery information, including:


  • How to access the venue
  • Where to place the items
  • Access codes
  • Any other relevant information

To create the best Buyer experience, you must adhere to the delivery instructions provided by the Buyer.

In some cases a ‘safety lock box’ will be stored onsite containing a key to access the site 24/7. These lock boxes and their unique entry combinations are the property of FoodByUs and are for FoodByUs’ and its Supplier’s exclusive use. Please note the key must always be returned to the lock box once the delivery has been completed.*



Please ensure that the right people in your organisation are aware of all delivery instructions. Whether it’s your driver or the administrative team, it’s important everyone is aware of how to complete the delivery to the Buyer’s satisfaction.

*If you as a Supplier lose the site key, FoodByUs may hold you responsible for the costs of replacement.