Random Weights

Some food like fruit, veg, seafood and meat will be priced on the basis of weight. In those cases, FoodByUs charge the Buyer up front for the ordered weight and then we need to know from you what the actual weight provided was so we can adjust accordingly.

Please keep in mind it is mandatory to notify FBU within 48 hours - in most cases this simply means sending us the finalised invoice of the items provided and their weights.

Here’s how ‘random weight’ items work with FoodByUs:

  1. Buyer purchases based on approximate weight: Upon an order being placed, the ‘approximate weight’ of the item will be charged to the Buyer. As a Supplier you must try to provide the weight of goods as close as practical to what was ordered.
  2. Tell us the weight adjustment: Sometimes the weight of food supplied will vary from the initially purchased weight. You must notify FoodByUs of the final weight-adjusted amount for a given order by e-mailing a copy of your final invoice to invoices@foodbyus.com. Due to the sensitive nature of having to charge or refund Buyers as soon as possible following on from the delivery of the order, Suppliers who do not inform FoodByUs of required adjustments within 48 hours will not have the adjusted amount honoured.
  • Final payment: FoodByUs will make an adjustment to the amount we charge (or refund) the Buyer and the revised amount due to you (factoring in our usual commission).